Our foundation, delivers unmatched success
RHMC was established on September 8, 1994 by three lady entrepreneurs who had then envisioned the company to become the leading real estate marketing organization in the country.

RHMC started out marketing real estate properties of Royale Homes Realty and Birdland Realty. Having shown its strength in real estate marketing, RHMC was then tapped by Sta. Lucia Realty and Development Inc. to exclusively market a number of its premiere residential and resort projects nationwide. It has also marketed the real estate projects of the joint venture partners of Sta. Lucia Realty.

Barely four years from initial operations, RHMC had successfully marketed development projects in Metro Manila, the provinces of Bulacan, Cavite, Rizal, Batangas, Baguio, Pangasinan, Subic, and in the City of Davao. Soon, agents and business partners started to flock to RHMC, thus building its sales force and network by leaps and bounds.

In spite of the increasing competition in the industry, RHMC continues to grow. From a one-room office in 1994, RHMC has now expanded to a one whole floor, a training and development center, and branches strategically located in different key cities in the country where its projects are present.

Time + Effort = SUCCESS
What has made RHMC achieve this track record in too short a time is not an easy task. Guided by the vision of its founders, backed by the dedication and perseverance of its people, and capitalizing on the flexibility and dynamism of a young company, RHMC continues to deliver quality products, excellent service and guaranteed investment to its clients.

From visionary to industry leader
RHMC marks two decades of victory with new achievements on the horizon. Constantly making strides in its commitment to set the benchmarks for the real estate sector in the Philippines by a) Providing only the best properties to its clients; and b) Staying true to its mission of giving total quality service to the Filipino.

RHMC continues to raise its standard of excellence year by year. It remains a vanguard in the real estate industry ever ready to overcome new challenges, and always with a vision for even greater achievements for the future.

Indeed, being an industry leader for years is a sterling achievement but it’s also a launching pad for further laurels. RHMC moves toward the future with even greater hope, optimism, and an even stronger vision to achieve more for the Filipino people.


To fulfill Royale Homes mission of giving total quality service.

To continuously search for new information and new technology to enable us to cope with the trends and fast changes in our times.

To adhere to the ethical and moral standards set by Royale Homes.


To be a leading real-estate marketing organization in the Philippines.