R Land Development Inc., a subsidiary of RMR Capital Inc. with over 30 years of experience is dedicated to transforming landscapes into thriving centers of growth. The company is committed to creating thoughtfully-designed communities that lead to new opportunities and a promising future.

Guided by the motto "Our Bright Future Together," R Land focuses on improving land and enriching lives through responsible and sustainable real estate projects that offer exceptional living experiences.

Coherence of Design, Style of Simplicity, and Distinction of Craftsmanship, which serve as the foundation for creating refined living spaces, leisure areas, and commercial developments. These principles are central to R Land's vision for their future projects.

R Land is characterized by its integration of green spaces and community harmony, offering tranquil sanctuaries with scenic views. The company also focuses on designing commercial spaces that cater to the evolving needs of modern professionals and growing families.

Arcoe Residences located in Lipa City, offers a picturesque view of Mount Malarayat, and boasts of its cool climate similar to Baguio and Tagaytay. This unique blend of attributes makes Arcoe Residences a lifestyle choice that brings the charm of country living to the city.